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We offer a wide range of business consultancy services to our clients. We are a team of experienced professionals who constantly work with and deliver results for a diverse range of clients across a range of industries.

We pride ourselves on adopting a flexible and common sense approach to business issues and we are acutely conscious of not preparing long winded complex reports but instead focusing our efforts on the core issues of the business.

Many of our clients retain our services on a monthly basis to produce various management reports and attend Board meetings.

Our specialist consultancy services include;

  1. Strategic and Business Plans
  2. Implementation of Plans
  3. Measuring Change
  4. Monitoring and Controlling Internal Control Systems
  5. Assessing Market and Industry Change
  6. Setting and Achieving Targets and Goals
  7. BES Funding
  8. Liquidation and Insolvency
  9. Business Valuation
  10. Wealth Management

We are an ambitious firm with many great plans for the future. We are also ambitious for your business too. We would be delighted to share our vision with you.

Carraig Court
Georges Avenue
Co. Dublin
Tel: +353 1 2880437
Fax: +353 1 2782061
Email: info@jmbutler.ie